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See some articles here (Iberian music- ‘Spanish Composers’ ,‘Portuguese Composers’ and ‘18th Century’; Keyboard works of Johann Pachelbel.)
See some reviews here.

Johann-Jakob Froberger 1616-67- articles to commemorate the 400th anniversary of his birth.
An overview of his keyboard works
Keyboard and organ and works from copied sources V.2 . Published by Bärenreiter

Matthias Weckmann 1616-74- articles to commemorate the 400th anniversary of his birth.
Chorale-based works specifically for organ
Non-chorale based works for organ or stringed keyboard instruments

Samuel Wesley 1766 to 1837
An appraisal of his organ music Part I
An appraisal of his organ music Part 2

I write articles on aspects of performance practice and on individual composers. Publications include articles on 16th to 18th century Iberian keyboard music (RCO Yearbook), an overview of the 18th century Iberian repertoire (Clavichord International), the 18th century English Organ Voluntary (Choir and Organ), 16th century Spanish keyboard performance practice including new translations (British Clavichord Society), Buxtehude’s works for stringed keyboard instruments (British Clavichord Society and Harpsichord & Fortepiano), an overview of the keyboard works of Bernardo Pasquini (The Diapason and Harpsichord & Fortepiano) and of Johann Pachelbel (Clavichord International), and the Organ Music of Provincial composers in England (British Institute of Organ Studies).

Each year I publish a detailed list of composers whose anniversaries fall in the year along with their works and modern editions where known.

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I regularly write reviews of scores and CDs for The Diapason (USA) Clavichord International, British Clavichord Society Newsletter, Harpsichord and Fortepiano, Journal of the British Institute of Organ Studies, The Organ, Sunday by Sunday (RSCM) and The Consort. Many of the reviews are of new editions of scores from smaller European publishing houses of the less well-known repertoire and of CDs in which this repertoire is presented.

I have written detailed notes on the music and composers for the CD booklet included with recordings by William Whitehead and Robert Woolley.

For several years I have been writing notes on performance practice, with particular regard to ornamentation and registration, for new editions of the 18th century English Organ Voluntaries published by David Patrick of Fitzjohn Music.

See some articles here.
See some reviews here.

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