John Collins - Organist, Harpsichordist Iberian Musicologist, Translator

Music played by John Collins as part of the Study Day of The British Institite of Organ Studies (BIOS)

The Study Day was entitled The Magnum Opus of Richard Bridge.

Richard Bridge built and installed the organ at Christ Church, Spitalfields in 1735. The organ was restored in 2015, having been silent since around 1960.

Find out more from the Friends of Christ Church Spitalfields.

Voluntaries ascribed to Peter Prelleur in the RCO Southgate MS.

Peter Prelleur was the first organist, so it was very fitting to play some of his music.

Voluntary in C minor/major: Diapasons C minor (RCO17/i), Trumpet C major (RCO17/ii)
Voluntary in A major/minor: Full Organ A major (RCO37/i), Cremona A minor (RCO3//iii).
Voluntary in C major: Vox Humana (RCO15/i), Cornet (RCO8/ii), Chromhorn (RCO15/iii)
Voluntary in D minor/major: Diapasons (RCO55/i), French Horn (RCO12/iii) Sesquialtera (RCO55/ii) Trumpet (RCO 13/ii)
Voluntary in C major: Full Organ (RCO16/i), Fugue (RCO16/ii)

I am very grateful to Andrew McCrea of the Royal College of Organists for kindly giving permission for these pieces to be played from copies of the Southgate MS.

John Collins has been organist at St. George’s, Worthing, since June 1984. Special interests include the Iberian, Italian and English keyboard repertoires from ca1500-1800 in which areas he gives regular recitals and undertakes research and lectures for the Royal College of Music, Royal Academy of Music and Royal College of Organists. He regularly publishes articles and reviews of scores and CDs for English, American and European Journals, and assists David Patrick of Fitzjohn Music in editing and publishing English 18th century Voluntaries. In addition he translates from Spanish and Portuguese including websites, academic texts and composers’ prefaces.

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