John Collins - Organist, Harpsichordist Iberian Musicologist, Translator

Recital by John Collins of European Organ music at St. Nicolas, Pevensey. May 15th 2015

Girolamo Frescobaldi 1583 - 1643 Toccata Settima (Bk. 1, 1615)
Johann Pachelbel 1653-1706 Aria in G with 7 Variations
Diogo de Conceição 17th century Meio registo alto 2 Tom
Juan Baptista Cabanilles 1644-1712 Tiento de Falsas 4th Tono
Anon 18th century Portugal Sonata 73 in A minor, 17 in C minor
Julije Bajamonti 1744-1800 Sonata per organo in F 1766
Anon 18th century Kosljun, Croatia Sonata in F, Sonata in G
Gaetano Valerj 1760-1822 Sonata-Rondo Eb
William Goodwin d1784 Voluntary 5 in F (Full Swell)
Starling Goodwin ca1713-74 Voluntary 6 Bk I in D (Flute)
Henry Heron 18th century England Voluntary 4 in C (Trumpet)
Carlotta Ferrari 1975- Ricercare e Canzone
George Frederick Handel 1685-1759 Fantaisie in C

John Collins has been organist at St. George’s, Worthing since June 1984. Special interests include the Iberian, Italian and English keyboard repertoires from ca1500-1800 in which areas he gives regular recitals and undertakes research and lectures for the Royal College of Music, Royal Academy of Music and Royal College of Organists. He regularly publishes articles and reviews of scores and CDs for English, American and European Journals, and assists David Patrick of Fitzjohn Music in editing and publishing English 18th century Voluntaries.

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