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European Organ music at Westham November 7th, 2014

Johann Pachelbel 1653-1706Toccata, Fugue in D
Anon 18th century Klanjec, Croatia Sonatas 16 in G, 22 in C
Julije Bajamonti 1744-1800 Sonata per organo in F 1766
Anon 17th century Belgium Fantasia in C (Cornet)
Gaetano Valerj 1760-1822 Sonata in E♭, Rondo in F (Flauto in ottavo)
Anon 18th century Portugal Sonata 4 in C, 17 in C minor
Anon 1768 - Stary Sącz, Poland Arias 41 in D, 100 in B♭
William Goodwin d1784 Voluntary 5 in F (Full Swell)
Starling Goodwin ca1713-74 Voluntary 6 Bk I in D (Flute)
Charles Burney 1726-1814 Introduction and Fugue 4 in A
Anon 18th century England Voluntary 11 in D (Trumpet)
Thomas Adams 1785-1858 Voluntary 4 in F (Hautboy)
George Frederick Handel 1685-1759 Hornpipe in D from The Water Music

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