John Collins - Organist, Harpsichordist Iberian Musicologist, Translator

Recital of Organ music by John Collins at St Andrew’s, Steyning on May13th, 2011

John Bull c 1562-1628Prelude and Fantasia on the Eighth Mode
Orlando Gibbons 1582-1625Fantazia in foure parts (Parthenia 1613)
Gerolamo Frescobaldi 1583-1643Toccata Quarta Bk 1 1615
Johann-Jakob Froberger 1616-67Ricercar 1 1656
Johann Pachelbel 1653-1706Toccata and Ricercar in C
John Keeble 1711-86Piece no. VIII in C (Trumpet)
Starling Goodwin ca 1713-1774Voluntary in D Book 1 no. 7 (Flute)
Pablo Bruna 1611-79 Tiento de medio registro de mano izquierda de 5 Tono
Obra de Falsas de 6 Tono
Giulio Bajamonti 1744-1800Sonata per Organo 1766
John Marsh 1752-1828Voluntary no.14 in G Bk 2

John Collins has been organist at St. George’s, Worthing for almost 27 years and is well known as a specialist in early keyboard performance practice, particularly including the Iberian, Italian and English keyboard repertoires in which areas he undertakes research and visiting lectureship for the Royal College of Music, Royal Academy of Music and Royal College of Organists. He has given lectures at Oxford on English and Cambridge on Spanish keyboard music and has published many articles and reviews in English, American and European Journals to critical acclaim. His article on the keyboard works of Bernardo Pasquini was adopted as a set text at Oxford and current commissions include articles on Pablo Bruna and John Keeble.

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